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Free zines! Just download, print, make a small cut, and fold. For instructions on how to fold Click here for a video by autumnthing OR Click here for a diagram by Regula Russelle

science and scientists   Science and Scientists: This zine is about science: what it is, how it is done, and how it feels to do. It is based on my experience as a climate science researcher. For the first decade of my career, I studied how warmer periods of climate in the geologic record drove the migration and evolution of species.


solving climate change together   Science and Climate: This zine is about the need to braid together science knowledge with other ways of knowing to address climate change. It was inspired by the work of Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer and conversations with my colleague Tenzin Dolkar.

I left science research because I felt an urgency to get involved in public policy—huge decisions are being made that will impact the next several generations. Working as an advisor to Minnesota Senator Franken and Governor Dayton, I met with numerous people from different backgrounds and regions. I saw that everyone cares about the health of our land, air, and water. Yet we face a climate crisis. What I learned was that people need to see themselves in the climate solutions, they need to be co-creators and owners.