Teaching creative writing came out of doing interactive public art. I believe writing is a form of play, and we all have capacity and need for that play. I also love the alchemy that happens when people gather to create any form of art.

I am interested in working with students writing fiction, non-fiction, memoir, science communications, poetry, hybrid, and experimental works. In my classes, I use meditation to ground us in our bodies so we are able to focus on the ideas we have and find the ones we are looking for. I believe the creative process is a physical act of the body as well as an act of the mind. I use exercises that play with the material we write on, the audience we write to, and the spaces we use for writing. In my classes students surprise themselves, have fun, generate new writing, learn to edit their work, and leave with more tools for their writing practice. 

Testimonials from past student evaluations:

“I really thought this class would be challenging and difficult for me, but the exercises really helped me unlock the creative flow.”

“Now I have some inspiring tools to play with”

“This class helps you get out of your own way and write without an agenda.”

“I feel inspired and equipped with new ways to access my creativity. As well as empowered to think more broadly about what writing can be for me and the role it can play in my life.”

“It was really welcoming and well done”

“Anna was exceptional at facilitating unique creative and healing approaches for our writing and personal insights”